What Is Causing Your Mouth to Feel Dry Constantly?

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The causes of chronic dry mouth are numerous, but identifying the source of your dry mouth problems goes a long way in helping you to handle the situation. It’s important to treat dry mouth since insufficient saliva production can cause persistent bad breath and put your smile more at risk of developing tooth decay. If you have dry mouth, we can help you identify the cause and create a customized treatment plan.

Some medications include dry mouth as a side effect, and if you take a medication that could cause dry mouth, you can speak with your doctor about life habits that could counteract this side effect of the medication. Helpful habits could include chewing sugarless gum and frequently sipping water, as well as reducing your salt intake. You may also need to take supplements as an artificial source of saliva.

Other habits such as cutting back on your intake of caffeine and alcohol can also improve dry mouth since these substances dehydrate you. Similarly, you may be experiencing dry mouth if you regularly use tobacco.

Another potential cause is over-the-counter antihistamines or decongestants, which can sometimes dry out your mucus membranes, in which case you may need to speak with your physician about taking a different sort of medication.

If you have a seemingly unrelated medical issue such as oral and pharyngeal cancer or a condition that affects your liver or kidneys, this may be directly contributing to dry mouth.

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