Do you Need an Implant or Crown?

Missing or damaged teeth cause a lot of problems, not only for your smile but for your oral health as well. Damaged teeth can become infected, quickly leading to a whole host of other problems. On top of that, you’re less likely to smile in social situations if you have damaged teeth. That can lead to a lot of self-esteem... read more »

Oral Health Keys: Oral Emergencies

As the holiday season comes around, it is important to make sure you are well protected against any oral accidents or injuries that can arise. Oral emergencies can easily damage your smile if you're not careful, so it is important to make sure you're taking every precaution necessary to not only prevent damage from occurring but to also help heal... read more »

Why it is Vital to Brush Your Teeth

Are you tired of your dentist telling you to brush your teeth? If your dentist is having to constantly remind you, then perhaps you should listen and see what happens to your beautiful smile. By brushing regularly, you are helping your dentist fight plaque and bacteria and keep your smile in tip-top oral health. That is why, Dr. Condie and Dr.... read more »