When Is It Time to Lose Your Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last of your molars that erupt in the very back of your smile, typically between the time of your late teens to mid twenties. Dental X-rays notify the dentist of the circumstances of your wisdom teeth, whether they need to be removed and when. The time... Read more »

Making Root Canals More Comfortable

What comes to mind when you read the words “root canal?” Do you believe they’re pain-inducing? That’s a common answer that we get. To correct some of the misconceptions surrounding root canal services, read this post. If you have any more queries, please be sure to call our office and... Read more »

Oral Health Keys: Oral Emergencies

As the holiday season comes around, it is important to make sure you are well protected against any oral accidents or injuries that can arise. Oral emergencies can easily damage your smile if you're not careful, so it is important to make sure you're taking every precaution necessary to not... Read more »

Tips on How to Clean Your Toothbrush

Are you interested in keeping your toothbrush clean and pristine? If so, our dentists, Drs. Condie and Tuft, have some tips for you. Now, little did you know, cleaning your toothbrush isn’t actually necessary. That’s right: Even though our mouths and bathrooms are covered with bacteria, it’s nothing to worry... Read more »

Initial Symptoms of Toothache Pain Needs to Be Examined by a Dentist

If you wake up one morning with a minor toothache or other discomfort in your mouth, it can be disconcerting. Even if you can mitigate the pain by taking a standard dosage of anti-inflammatory medication, or applying oral analgesic to your gums, you still need to have it examined by... Read more »

How to Maintain Oral Health During the Fall Season

The Fall Season means that it’s time for your little ones to dress up like ghouls, ghosts, monsters, and princesses and go trick-or-treating. This time of year is so fun for your little ghoulies, but it can also be hazardous for their (and your) dental health. Read on for some... Read more »

Are You a Sports Coach? Here Are Some Tips to Help Your Players’ Smiles

As a coach, you probably care very much about your players. You want them to love the game and succeed in life. You also most likely want them to stay healthy and strong. This also includes the condition of their smile. If you care for your players, you need to... Read more »

Why it is Vital to Brush Your Teeth

Are you tired of your dentist telling you to brush your teeth? If your dentist is having to constantly remind you, then perhaps you should listen and see what happens to your beautiful smile. By brushing regularly, you are helping your dentist fight plaque and bacteria and keep your smile... Read more »

Eating Tricks for a Healthy Mouth

Properly caring for your smile takes a lot of work, but it’s worth it. In addition to keeping up on oral hygiene, visiting your dentist regularly, and having a tooth-healthy diet, there are other—smaller—things you can also do. Our dentist, Dr. Brian Tuft, is happy to tell you all about... Read more »

A Case of Severe Tooth Decay Can Cause a Toothache

A cavity can develop on a tooth if you are inconsistent in your daily oral hygiene routine or you have other oral health issues. Once bacteria manage to establish a presence in the tooth enamel the tooth decay will gradually start to spread. As this starts to happen the tooth... Read more »