Are You a Sports Coach? Here Are Some Tips to Help Your Players’ Smiles

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As a coach, you probably care very much about your players. You want them to love the game and succeed in life. You also most likely want them to stay healthy and strong. This also includes the condition of their smile. If you care for your players, you need to do everything you can to keep their smiles in tip-top shape. To help you do so, our dentists, Dr. Condie and Dr. Tuft, have some tips for you.

First, please encourage your players to wear mouthguards during practices and games. This is very important, especially if the sport is high in contact. If they don’t protect their smiles with mouthguards, there is a good chance a hard, forceful object (like an elbow, knee, helmet, or sports ball) could hit their mouth and cause a severe oral injury. It’s important to keep their smiles in tip-top shape as much as possible so they can avoid this accident.

Second, ask your players to have their dentists’ contact information in their cell phones. This will be handy if they do ever suffer a dental emergency. All they would need to do is call (or have a teammate or coach call) their dentist and schedule an emergency appointment. After contacting the parents, of course, you can help the player get to their dental professional as soon as possible. This is very important to have successful restoration results.

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