An Athlete With Traditional Braces Might Need a Custom Mouth Guard

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Many schools and athletic clubs require a protective mouth guard for individuals participating in rigorous activities and contact sports. Yet many of the stock mouth guards available at the retail level fit uncomfortably in the mouth and some can lead to breathing issues.

At the same time many of these simple oral appliances cannot adequately account for traditional braces hardware. These factors prompt some athletes to forgo the use of a mouth guard, which leaves them at increased risk for oral trauma.

To help address these concerns a dentists like Dr. Condie and Dr. Tuft can help provide you with a custom mouth guard. it is a comfortable oral appliance made from a soft, yet durable plastic. It will be designed to match the unique shape of your teeth and the curves of your dentition, while also accounting for any present braces hardware. The custom fit will provide you with maximum protection and easy breathing.

Our dentists will help you understand any basic care and cleaning requirements to help maintain the custom mouth guard. Simple measures like lightly brushing it with a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste can help remove any plaque buildup. When the custom mouth guard isn’t in your mouth, it should be kept in the provided case and stored someplace safe.

If you are an athlete with braces in the Springville, Utah, area and you need help protecting your mouth, you should call 801-489-7364 to explore the mouth guard options available through Condie & Tuft Family Dentistry.